"WINNER Of The Concrete Construction Polished Concrete Award - 2011"
Diacon has become known for its innovative and creative solutions to concrete grinding and polishing.  Diacon was founded on 5 guiding principles:


  • 1.)   Provide a consistent and superior product in the marketplace that is cost effective and low maintenance.
  • 2.)   Implement a strong research and development program to look for better solutions and products that will continue to produce superior results and establish Diacon as the leader in innovation.
  • 3.)   Work with the customer to achieve a product that they will be pleased with and will continue to talk about well into the future.
  • 4.)    Recruit top-notch employees and educate them through Diacon’s well developed training program and job satisfaction systems.  The result is creative and innovative employees that provide the customer with excellent project results.
  • 5.)    To maintain a Diacon System quality control program exclusive to Diacon, in order to guarantee consistent and superior results.


These guiding principles have accelerated Diacon in the marketplace and rapidly established the company as one that will always deliver results on-time and as specified.  Experience the Diacon System today by contacting us toll-free at (877) 673-6036.
Diacon is staffed with the top craftsmen in the concrete polishing industry.  Diacon is led by a known trainer and seminar speaker on national concrete polishing development.  Through his leadership Diacon has been able to become known for its intense training program, knowledge, safety, and skill.



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Diacon has worked with leaders in the safety industry to develop a stringent program to help prevent workplace industries.  We are proud of our safety record, and strive to stay ahead of the curve through training programs and tailgate meetings.  Standard equipment include hardhats, safety glasses, gloves, safety shirts/ vests, and lock out devices to prevents injuries from failure of equipment. Diacon Concrete is familiar with OSHA 10 & beyond.
Diacon’s team is rounded out with an intense sales, marketing, and estimating program that works with clients to determine the RIGHT product for their job.  The Diacon sales and estimating is led by an individual with over 20 years of experience in a sales or marketing position.  This has created an intense focus on working WITH the customer instead of against the customer.  Customer service is number 1 and we always forcus on that.
In early 2010, the Diacon administration & financial roles were assigned to Robert Defraia to assist in strengthening the companies financial position within the marketplace.  Diacon feels that working together with their vendors and subcontractors to achieve a great end result is important.  Longevity is key to strenghthening Diacon’s position in the marketplace, and through Mr. Defraia’s leadership – they are making it possible. Diacon Concrete is familiar with large-scale CCIP & OCIP, PLA, and LEED Projects.